About Shiredale Farm

Shiredale Farm was nothing more than a dream in 2002, but we all know if we stop at nothing; dreams do come true!  Shiredale Farm started in 2003 with a Shire Mare (Heidi) and a Clydesdale Mare (Belle).  So I combined Shire and dale from Clydesdale to get the name Shiredale!  I was born and raised in New Jersey, when my dad got a job transfer to Colorado when I was 9.  This introduced me to my life passion, horses!  Soon discovered my favorite breeds were the Shire and Gypsy Horse, and better yet when the two are combined to create a Drum Horse!  Got a Bachelors degree in Equine Science from Colorado State University in 2006.  Worked for Black Forest Shires & Gypsy Horses before leaving them in 2007 and moving to Arizona.  I started working for Desert Jewel Gypsy Horses in 2007 and worked there thru 2016.  Left Desert Jewel in 2016 and started working for Voliva Equine, a local veterinarian. 

Shiredale Farm's goal is to promote high quality horses of the different breeds that have exceptional personalities and temperaments in addition to conformation!  The horses are handled extensively from birth and are taken to local community events at the Church, Parades, Trail Rides, etc. 

Shiredale Farm has taken a break from breeding to just own and care for these amazing horses.  I am also president of Feather's Rest Farm, a 501(c)3 non-profit Horse Sanctuary for primarily feathered horse breeds.  Annie, Alex and Cassie now reside at Feather's Rest Farm which is located on 600 acres near Colorado Springs, CO.  Check out www.feathersrestfarm.com for more information on Feather's Rest Farm!

Below you will find the other critters that call Shiredale home :)

Annabella (Min Pin) and Lizzie (Shiba Inu).

Autumn (Min Pin)

Sulcatta Tortoise

Eli- Male Russian Tortoise

Red Eye Puffer (FW)

Mono Sebaes (BW)

Black Dragon Betta